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2012-11-02 03:36 pm
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Horribly Melancholy Disposition

Leave your feedback here, coded or otherwise. Anonymity is enabled: are you who I think you are?
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2012-11-02 02:49 pm
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Rueful Relationships - Paradisa

Very Fond Devotion:

Bolt from the blue.

Artistic activist.

Confidante musician.

Lovely & literate.

Curious & capable.

Studious & steadfast.

Well, Young Lady, Have You Been Good To Your Mother?

Whimsically enthusiastic.

Volunteer at heart?

Never pet Nymeria.

Loyal acquaintance.

Sleuthy confectionier.

Earnest & determined.

Are You Who I Think You Are?

Curiously nameless.

Possibly a volunteer?

Vociferous but helpful.

The good witch.

Scary cover, good book.

Well-known hermit.

Diminuitive dragon.

Elegant eloquence.

Nervously nice.

If There's No One Out There, What Was That Noise?

Gifted in causing cardiac arrest.

Intelligent but contrary.

Suspiciously suspicious.

Vile, Ferocious Delinquents:

I hope to

never fill

these spaces.

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