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Application for Paradisa

To My Kind Beta Readers...

NAME: Ang D.
PERSONAL JOURNAL: [personal profile] chartharsis
EMAIL: msfeistus at gmail dot com
AIM: chartharsis
CURRENT CHARACTERS: [personal profile] hard_talker - Mark Hunter, aka Hard Harry & [personal profile] fanstheflame - GALE Hawthorne

CHARACTER NAME: Lemony Snicket
SERIES: A Series of Unfortunate Events
CANON POINT: This is where it gets slightly tricky - Lemony is the fictional author of the entire series, so he is not necessarily from Book the Tenth (The Slippery Slope) so much as he is from being in the process of researching its events.

LOSS: Taking away any of Lemony's memories would probably be a mercy, as most of them are horrible. Instead, he will lose his commonplace book: a dark green notebook containing all his research on the Baudelaire children, a phrase which here means "all the notes that will eventually become A Series of Unfortunate Events". How very meta.

ABOUT THE CHARACTER: As any of the many, many people pursuing him could tell you, Lemony Snicket is a very elusive individual... but he wasn't always that way. Most life stories tend to run in a similar manner, where a person starts out one way and ends up another, depending upon the circumstances of their lives. Most people's life stories, however, are not as fraught with misery and peril as Lemony Snicket's. Born to wealthy and intelligent yet secretive parents, Lemony and his two siblings were spirited away to conduct their schooling at a very young age, at an organization that their parents were both members of, known only as VFD. This organization prided itself upon several things, notably its secrecy, its affinity for the good things in life, and the protection of the former. Under the tutelage of the VFD, the Snicket siblings became jacks-of-all-trades, a phrase which here means "adroit at a plethora of varied and useful skills", before each choosing one area of study to become their specialty. Lemony, being a studious, curious, and upstanding lad, chose rhetoric, so that he might become a critic of the literary and artistic, while hoping to someday impart the truths of the world to readers through a local newspaper.

In the midst of his blossoming career, two things happened, one good and one terrible: he fell in love, and the VFD fell to pieces. As a result of the schism that split the VFD and pitted its members against one another, Lemony lost the woman he loved to another man, and fifteen years later, he was also summarily accused of setting in motion the circumstances of her death. VFD had spent decades putting out literal and figurative fires, but now one of its most committed newer members was now becoming the scapegoat for those who would rather start them.

Rather than put anyone else he loved or cared for in any form in danger, Lemony fled, using his training to go deep undercover and travel far, always staying one step ahead of his enemies and trying to simultaneously piece together the truth about what was happening around them as the schism's repercussions tore the world around it to shreds. Eventually, he began investigating the whereabouts of his beloved Beatrice's children: Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. In trying to do his beloved one last service, Lemony hopes to both repair his honor and ensure that the nobler side of the VFD can once again gain ground over those who have undermined it. However, hope is a very fickle and fleeting thing in his universe... and making his outlook a little sweeter would be physically impossible, as no one can seem to figure out where the sugar bowl has gotten to.

Having spent most of his life in solitude and misery hasn't brought Lemony down as much as one might think. It's true, at first glance, he would appear to be a particularly morbid sort of pessimist, prone to initially thinking of the worst-case scenario - but honestly, it's more of a realistic mindset for him, as Murphy's Law ought just as well to be called Snicket's Law. He knows the worst usually happens for him, so he is preparing, even as he remains perfectly aware that there are plenty of other people out there who have nothing but pleasant parties and picnics in their futures, rather than angry mobs with pitchforks and inaccurate newspaper clippings. Despite all the things that happen to him, however, he keeps moving: uncovering the truth and bringing it to the world, no matter how horrible it may be or how difficult it may be, is more important to him. It's best to consider Lemony an optimistic pessimist - someone who sees the world as a grim, dreary, and treacherous place on the whole, but is able to find pleasure in small things, or in the rare company of a good person.

His courage is limited: there are occasions where he will cut his losses and run, and he has readily admitted that the Baudelaire children are far braver than he is. Though he is mostly self-serving in times of danger, if someone he's become very close and loyal to is in peril, he will try and do anything within his power - or persuade other people - to help them, especially if he has previously promised to do so (above all else, the things Lemony takes the most seriously are his promises). All of his schooling with the VFD has made him insanely resourceful, so he can usually offer up some bit of relevant knowledge for any situation he finds himself in - something that comes in handy whether one's frequently running for one's life or frequently dealing with the hassles of a magical castle.

In manners of lifestyle, he upholds good manners, taste, and proper common sense above all else, in a very Victorian fashion, but at the same time, he is a complete believer in the equality of the sexes, and of the minorities - "a cultural conservative, but a social liberal" would probably be the best way to put it. Despite all the terrible things he's seen in his investigation of the history of the Baudelaire orphans, and in his time as a Volunteer, he continues to be able to be shocked by improper or unfortunate events, and will react as melodramatically as possible (perhaps he was affected a bit by all that time he spent as a theatrical critic). Lemony takes great stock in the value and importance of literature and art, and takes severe offense at anyone who speaks of them as though they don't matter. He tends not to start conversations on his own if he doesn't feel comfortable, preferring to hide in plain sight and observe, taking stock of the things going on around him. However, if someone approaches him politely, he will be open and genial, and probably talk their ear off for hours if they let him.

ABILITIES: Though lacking anything that could be defined as "a superpower", Lemony Snicket has been eclectically trained and vetted in several useful skills, including bartering, accordion-playing, rhetorical analysis, archery, memorization, poison testing, rope-braiding, swordfighting, millinery, badminton, running for his life, various finery disguises, and marmoset training.

THIRD-PERSON WRITING SAMPLE: Very little remained of the western wall of the V.F.D headquarters, deep in the Mortmain Mountains. As such, the wind was doing a very persistent job of blowing out the fire that Lemony Snicket kept trying to start on the floor of what was once the library. He crouched down low, rubbing his hands together over the faintly glowing coals, and kept his eyes and ears open. (His mouth, however, he kept closed, because no one likes a mouth-breather - they are rude, and discomforting company at dinner parties.) Taking a flashlight out of his pocket, he thumped it once or twice against his palm, hoping that the batteries inside had not frozen, and was rewarded with a dim beam of light. With a thin, hopeful smile, he approached the remains of a bookshelf ...

"Up there!" A voice echoed through the gap in the wall, and floodlights swung up to illuminate the library. There was a roaring of lions, and the sound of them straining against chains. "We've got him now!"

Lemony's shoulders sagged as he looked down at the flashlight in his hands. "No use closing the barn door after the horses are out," he muttered - a colloquialism which here had the meaning "don't bother shutting the flashlight off, when the evil scoundrels on your trail that are trying to stop you from uncovering the truth have already seen you" - and made for the door at the far end of the library that led deeper into the ruined Headquarters. Or, at least, it was supposed to lead in that particular direction .... meddling inter-dimensional castles have a way of changing things like that, you see ...

FIRST-PERSON JOURNAL SAMPLE, OPTIONAL: For your perusal and approval, I submit one of his entries with threads from his last go-round... which, of course, he will not remember in the least.

INTENT: My name is Ang, and I'm a Paradisa addict. Instead of having fifty billion characters who each have one trait that I enjoy playing, I decided to try and find one who had as many in common with my previous roster as possible. Lemony has Five's manners and penchant for sticking his nose into everything, Ray's long-windedness and freedom to BS ridiculous amounts of canon detail, CLU's hefty amount of personal issues, and Megamind's love of melodrama. It also doesn't hurt that his "social representative", one Daniel Handler, is my literary hero, so it'll be an absolute blast trying to recreate his writing style - and hopefully help me kick my own writerly brain back into shape. Also, paring down to three characters will help me be a better co-player, as well.

With all due respect,